San Diego Real Estate Appraiser

Who needs a San Diego real estate appraiser? There are at least 3 types of people who would benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a home valuation specialist.

Investors: In San Diego, the prices of condos, houses, and property can vary dramatically. As an investor, it is important to know what your properties are worth so that you can make wise financial decisions. Knowing the value of your portfolio is crucial for knowing when to buy, sell, or hold your properties. This is where a San Diego Real Estate Appraiser can help.

Home Owners: As a home owner, you are less likely to buy/sell property on a regular basis. However, a home appraisal is still important to have because the value of your home can be used as collateral or leverage in relation to other aspects of your life. For example, we recommend a home valuation when you:

  • are ready to buy/sell a house,
  • wish to cancel PMI (Private Mortgage insurance),
  • want to appeal property taxes assessment,
  • start estate planning or estate settlements,
  • enter divorce, bankruptcy, or foreclosure,
  • use the house as collateral for bail bonds,
  • and more.

Realtors: In addition to investors and home owners, a third class of people who need a San Diego real estate appraiser are real estate agents or realtors. To better represent clients buying or selling a home, it is necessary to know the value of a home before you enter the market. Having a solid understanding of what a property is truly worth allows you to command your price with confidence. Consequently, a pre-list appraisal allows you to:

  • demonstrate that you are serious realtor who is prepared for the job in advance,
  • advise the seller or buyer on a reasonable and appropriate asking price,
  • have the information necessary to succeed in negotiations and rebuttals, and
  • be primed and ready in case of VA Tidewater Initiative.

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San Diego Real Estate Appraiser

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