San Diego Estate Trust Appraisal

If someone has passed away and designated you as the executor, then you will need to determine the value of the estate. A house is often a component of the estate which carries significant financial value. It’s important to determine exactly how much the property is worth before you can decide what to do with it. South Shore Appraisals can help by providing an accurate San Diego Estate Trust Appraisal for your loved one’s property.

A property valuation is important for beneficiaries and it is also necessary for the IRS and state agencies. No one wants to prolong the process of settling an estate, and no one wants to be entangled with the IRS. So it’s important to get the numbers right the first time.

Retrospective Date of Value Appraisals

Usually, the day in which you request the appraisal is not the same day as the date of death. As professional appraisers, we are able to provide a “Retrospective Date of Value Appraisal”. This means we will determine the value of the property at the time of death. South Shore Appraisals is familiar with the methodology and procedures necessary to determine the fair market price of a home at a past-date. We will provide detailed reports to support the appraisal so that you can approach the authorities with confidence.

Call Us, We’re Here for You

At South Shore Appraisals, we understand that settling the details of an estate can be very stressful. We regret the passing of your loved-one but we also know that sometimes, the best thing to do is to get the job done effectively. We will do everything in our power to provide swift service that is thorough and accurate.

San Diego estate trust appraisal

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