San Diego Estate Planning Appraisal

If you own a house, a business, art, jewelry, or any items of value, then you should go through the process of Estate Planning. In the most simplest terms, Estate Planning is the process where a person lists their belongings (assets) and dictates how these assets will be divided after his own death. However, Estate Planning is more complicated than just a  listing of your assets. Your estate planner will suggest strategies to minimize taxes and avoid fees and unnecessary expenses.

In many cases, for middle-class Americans, one of the most valuable item in a person’s estate is the family home. For investors and those who own rental property, the value of the real estate is of huge significance and should be accurately appraised. South Shore Appraisals specialize the the valuation of property and real estate in southern California. If you are thinking of Estate Planning, be sure to call Sidney Loiseau and his team for consultation.

Sidney Loiseau

Sidney Loiseau, founder of South Shore Appraisals, is a professional San Diego Home Appraiser who works with San Diegan property owners for over 10 years. As a qualified expert, he has advises people on their San Diego Estate Planning appraisal. Whether you are planning on what to do with your property today, or planning on how to manage your estate for your heirs, Sidney Loiseau is your appraiser of choice. He and his associates are dedicated to providing in-depth, concise and precise appraisals. Call Sidney, it’s never to early to start Estate Planning!

South Shore Appraisals

San Diego Estate Planning AppraisalEstablished in 2007, South Shore Appraisals provides San Diego Estate Planning appraisals for countless individuals and businesses. The company specializes in single family homes, 2 to 4 unit complexes, condominiums, and investment portfolios. South Shore Appraisals evaluates real estate in all of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Please contact us by Email or call: (619) 453-2799.