San Diego Bankruptcy Appraisal

If you want to file for bankruptcy, you will need to provide the courts a summary of your financial situation. This includes income, investments, businesses, assets, debts, and other financial obligations. For many people, their house represents a significant portion of their portfolio. A San Diego bankruptcy appraisal can help establish the current value of your home. It is important to get an appraiser who is reputable and has years of experience appraising homes within your neighborhood. A poorly done evaluation may result in delays or a rejection of your application for bankruptcy.

With South Shore Appraisals, you can be confident that your home valuation will be accurate and fair. Owner and Founder Sidney Louiseau has over 10 years experience in appraising homes in the southern California. The South Shore Appraisal Team has over 30 years combined experience and knowledge of homes and property in SoCal. They are experts in the field and understand how market trends affect the value of homes.

How is a Home Appraisal Done?

A home valuation is basically an opinion from an expert appraiser. The appraiser will look at your property and compare it to similar properties within the neighborhood. Typically, an appraiser will use the value of 5 or 6 homes of similar size and condition to gauge the value of your home. No two homes are exactly alike so it’s up to the appraiser to establish what your home is worth.  Some features such as the view, the location of nearby school or shops, and the nature of surrounding community may impact on how desirable a home is. It’s the appraisers job to factor in all these details along with the existing data to give an estimate of the home’s value.

A bankruptcy judge will decide if the court will accept or reject your petition for bankruptcy.  At South Shore Appraisal, Sidney Loiseau provides thorough, precise and easy to interpret reports so that your bankruptcy filing has a better chance of being approved. Please call South Shore Appraisals for more information.

South Shore Appraisals

San Diego Bankruptcy appraisalCountless businesses and individuals have relied on South Shore Appraisals for accurate and concise property appraisals. Sidney Louiseau and his team specializes in appraising homes, 2 to 4 unit complexes, condos and investment properties. South Shore Appraisals services San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Please contact us by Email or call: (619) 453-2799.