Prelist : There are two major advantages of a pre-list appraisal

1. You Look Better to your Seller - When you are being interviewed by a seller to become their agent to sell their property, a pre-list appraisal on their home show you are not only interested in selling their property, it also shows you KNOW the value of the home.

2. You Completely Avoid Rebuttal - By having baseline numbers, your risk of having property not appraised is dramatically lower than your competitor. Avoid potential risk of your property not coming into value issues that can arise while in escrow. The last thing you want is for your property to be in escrow with an appraisal value below contact price.


Price Adjustment : Don't fight this battle with yourself, call me

1. Your seller is a dreamer and want to sell their home at

2. Don't argue with your seller, allow Sydney become the bearer of truth and let's get this price adjusted and let's get this property in escrow.

3. Call me now to help you out on this.


Iron Clad Rebuttal : To produce an iron clad rebuttal you must understand how an appraiser thinks.

1. Location
2. Size
3. Date of Sale
4. Features
5. If you run into problems here; please call me to discuss further


FHA Guidelines and VA Tidewater Initiative

1. See Paper
2. Remember, you only have 2-days, call me as soon as you hear of your tidewater request. Call me to take action.

san diego pre-listing appraisalsContact South Shore Appraisals for details: (619) 432-5715.

  • Hi Sidney,

    I wanted to follow up and say “Thank You” once again for your AMAZING generosity dropping knowledge on our Mastery students and Team of Realty National agents, you added A LOT OF VALUE to each of them.

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    Bryan Yarbor
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    Bryan Yarbor
  • Sidney did an amazing job addressing the questions and concerns my fellow agents and I had regarding appraisals in the current Real Estate Market. He is very informative and I value his experience and wisdom on this topic. Thank you, Sidney, for taking the time to speak and educate at our office agent mentorship class today! – Ebony C Boyle, Realtor

    A lot of great information. I really enjoyed it. This will be very helpful in the future. – Daniel